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2020 has been a very interesting year for us. Not only we started our Greenhouse in the Snow Europe operation but we also built the first greenhouse right here in Britany, France.

After thorough preparations, engineering, test production and search for most suitable, sustainable and local materials to use, we prepared and ordered all parts necessary to build the greenhouse concept.

During the different building phases of the project, we looked for the best way to build these greenhouses and documented every step of the process to guide our customers to install their own.

In June 2020 we have commissioned the greenhouse and it is in operation since that date. Numerous tests have been done with the ventilation system, took measurements together with our supplier and installed a computer to log 4 temperature measurements every 10 minutes. All these actions were taken to gather data and gain knowledge.

Do you want to visit the greenhouse?
Please get in contact by email or give us a call to make an appointment.

Virtual tour
If taking a tour is no option, we can propose a virtual tour via WhatsApp/Skype.

Russ and Allen have recorded a virtual tour that you can view to get a feel of the Greenhouse in the Snow in the USA.