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Welcome on our website where you can learn more about our Geo-thermal Greenhouse in the Snow concept.


Do you look for: 
  • A proven concept with > 150 greenhouses installed? 
  • Something special and unique that is ready for the future? 
  • An economical way to produce food during the winter season with low operational costs? 
  • An ecological concept that is using free available geo thermal energy to keep your greenhouse above zero degrees during the winter?


Then this Greenhouse in the Snow concept is something for you!


This concept has been designed to produce fruits and vegetables in an ecological and economical way without using fossil fuels and keeps temperature above zero degrees. We make use of free available geo thermal energy to heat the greenhouse in winter and cool it in summer. Russ Finch designed an ingenious but simple system to do so.


For whom? 

As well for private individuals as for professionals!


Where was this unique concept born? 

Russ Finch is the designer of the Greenhouse in the Snow concept. After his retirement from the Post Office he wanted to build an efficient greenhouse that was both economical and ecological in its design to keep the temperatures above zero during the harsh Nebraskan winters. Russ’s greenhouse is attached to the back of his house, and it is truly magnificent. Over a period of 35 years, Russ perfected his greenhouse design using low-grade geo-thermal in order to produce citrus, fruits, vegetables, and many flowers all year round. In his greenhouse, he currently has hundreds of plants.

In April of 2010, Russ approached Allen Bright at Antioch Machine in Alliance, Nebraska, about manufacturing parts for his greenhouses. Allen has produced every greenhouse since then.

Russ and Allen also give tours in their greenhouses and the response from people were amazing, and the Greenhouse in the Snow concept started getting more and more attention.


Where do we fabricate the greenhouses in Europe? 

We have established our workshop in Peillac (56220) in the province of Brittany in France. We have invested in professional machines and tools to make a high quality product using as much local/European materials as possible. 


What can you expect from us: 
  • Full commitment; 
  • High quality level; 
  • Full service.


Together we make your project happen!


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“If we do something,we do it the right way or we don’t do it at all”

Sascha Happé