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The proven Greenhouse in the Snow concept from the US did not change in its design but has been adapted to fit the European market. The whole frame is made with (metric) European steel and will be galvanized to extend its lifespan. Also the Polycarbonate sheets will have the same type of coating on the inside / outside and we have improved the fixation of the sheets with special profiles.

All greenhouses are 5.2 meters wide, start at 6 meters length and can be extended with sections of 2 meters. Greenhouses less then 20 meters long are less costs effective in comparison to larger greenhouses because the geo-tube tranches still have to be the same length. Therefore most of our north American customers chose greenhouse between 24-30 meter length.

The final costs of a Greenhouse in the Snow concept, with the packages we sell and the parts that you can purchase locally, generally run about the same price per square meter as a comparable conventional glass greenhouse. The difference being the year round energy efficiency of the Greenhouse in the Snow concept.

Our delivery program start with the standard geo-thermal Greenhouse in the Snow package. Please find below a brief description of what it contains.


Standard geo-thermal Greenhouse in the Snow Package:

This package consists of the following items:

  • Complete galvanised metal framing and fittings;
  • Polycarbonate sheets, connecting profiles and fittings;
  • A detailed list of the parts you need in addition to those listed above, excavation plan and an installation manual;
  • Unlimited phone and e-mail tech support to make your build as seamless as possible.

When you purchase the standard geo-thermal Greenhouse package you need to organise the following items yourself: 

  • Blowers and Thermostats;
  • Metal siding for the north, east and west walls insulation;
  • Doors;
  • Windows;
  • 100 mm HDPE Plastic Corrugated Pipe for the Geo-Thermal Tubes;
  • Other parts that are readily available at your location.

Prices for the standard package start at 600 Euro per meter length (excluding VAT).


Additional package offering:

To make it easier for our customers we have decided to offer additional packages in order to be more efficient in the execution/installation of your project.

It saves you a lot of time if you don’t have to look for local parts, just let us organise a big chunk of it!

Package 1: Geo-thermal tubes;
Package 2: Wall insulation;
Package 3: Perimeter insulation;
Package 4: Ventilation;
Package 5: Retaining wall;
Package 6: Earth battery system;
Package 7: Entry room wall to create an entry room.

In case you are interested to receive a tailor-made quotation for your project please click on underneath button or send us an email with you requirements.

If you are interested in extended options different then what we have stated above or when you have further questions, please get in touch with us.


Is the standard package in stock?

We always keep the standard greenhouse packages (frames and polycarbonate sheets) in stock so if you need it urgent we are ready for it!