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Hi, I am Sascha and I have started a new adventure!

I am born in the Netherlands and have been working with dedication as a Service Manager for a high-end packaging machinery company for twelve years and needed a break. We (my wife and two daughters) decided to relocate to a beautiful countryside of Brittany in France and live a completely different life now, having transitioned towards a more organic lifestyle and minimizing our carbon footprint.

To reach our goals we have created an orchard and large vegetable garden based on the permaculture principles. We were also looking for a well designed and efficient greenhouse to extend our growing season without having to heat it with fossil fuels in the winter. That is how I found out about Russ and his great ‘greenhouse in the snow’ concept. When I learned that they were looking for someone to bring the concept to Europe, to be able to answer to the growing demand here, I straight away felt it was meant to be my next step.

Creating my own company has been a long lasting dream. Realizing this with a proven concept that contributes to the energy transition using free available geo-thermal heat is in my opinion the way to go. Growing your own fruits and vegetables throughout the seasons in a very efficient way absolutely makes sense.

Therefore I am proud to announce that Greenhouse in the Snow Europe has been established to support and supply European customers to build their own greenhouse in the snow. We will be able to use all learnings and experiences that Russ and Allen have gathered over the past 25 years.

See you!



Sascha Happé

“If we do something, we do it the right way, or we don’t do it at all”

Sascha Happé